‘A Worthy 7*7’

One may doubt the title’s relevance with my experience at Swechha, but it is the best that could come out of me. Those were the worthy 7 weeks I spent at Swechha as an intern. “Swechha started with ‘We for Yamuna’ Campaign in 2000 and it’s been 16 years Swechha is working in the field … More ‘A Worthy 7*7’

Tasting The ‘Fruit’ Of Success

Question: What makes a group of IT professionals and students to deprive themselves of their Saturday morning sleep, undeterred by the fervent rainfall? Answer: A determination to bring about a change. A resolution to multiply Delhi’s forest cover. A conviction towards building a sustainable environment. A promise to give back to the mother earth, pieces … More Tasting The ‘Fruit’ Of Success

‘Envisioning a Green Life’ – A Saturday Well Spent!

I was amped as my inbox flashed up with my first volunteer call from Swechha for a plantation drive at DC’s residence in Gurgaon. I was anxiously waiting for the weekend. But, with the weekend, approached persistent rain and traffic which made me apprehensive about the plantation. Monsoon wooding was still on and so I … More ‘Envisioning a Green Life’ – A Saturday Well Spent!

‘Not Just Research Work After All.’ – An Interns Journey

So, here I am sharing my experiences at Swechha. Well, to start with, my first step in the office, I couldn’t help but think about how amazing the office space was. It is actually an up-cycled place and has done the best utilization of every possible piece of junk. I was engaged primarily in the … More ‘Not Just Research Work After All.’ – An Interns Journey

‘ पगडंडी पगडंडी, कदमों मे है सारा जहाँ’

“But why not help them in their studies instead?” was the first question that popped into my mind as I went through the Pagdandi schedule. Dance, Singing and Art and Craft weren’t going to help these children as much as good marks could. And, boy, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Their grins from hitting … More ‘ पगडंडी पगडंडी, कदमों मे है सारा जहाँ’