‘A Worthy 7*7’

One may doubt the title’s relevance with my experience at Swechha, but it is the best that could come out of me. Those were the worthy 7 weeks I spent at Swechha as an intern. “Swechha started with ‘We for Yamuna’ Campaign in 2000 and it’s been 16 years Swechha is working in the field… More ‘A Worthy 7*7’

Tasting The ‘Fruit’ Of Success

Question: What makes a group of IT professionals and students to deprive themselves of their Saturday morning sleep, undeterred by the fervent rainfall? Answer: A determination to bring about a change. A resolution to multiply Delhi’s forest cover. A conviction towards building a sustainable environment. A promise to give back to the mother earth, pieces… More Tasting The ‘Fruit’ Of Success

‘Envisioning a Green Life’ – A Saturday Well Spent!

I was amped as my inbox flashed up with my first volunteer call from Swechha for a plantation drive at DC’s residence in Gurgaon. I was anxiously waiting for the weekend. But, with the weekend, approached persistent rain and traffic which made me apprehensive about the plantation. Monsoon wooding was still on and so I… More ‘Envisioning a Green Life’ – A Saturday Well Spent!

‘Not Just Research Work After All.’ – An Interns Journey

So, here I am sharing my experiences at Swechha. Well, to start with, my first step in the office, I couldn’t help but think about how amazing the office space was. It is actually an up-cycled place and has done the best utilization of every possible piece of junk. I was engaged primarily in the… More ‘Not Just Research Work After All.’ – An Interns Journey

‘ पगडंडी पगडंडी, कदमों मे है सारा जहाँ’

“But why not help them in their studies instead?” was the first question that popped into my mind as I went through the Pagdandi schedule. Dance, Singing and Art and Craft weren’t going to help these children as much as good marks could. And, boy, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Their grins from hitting… More ‘ पगडंडी पगडंडी, कदमों मे है सारा जहाँ’

मेरा शहर, मेरा अधिकार

Today, the children at the Pagdandi camp engage in a unique journey into understanding their basic rights, and to what extent these rights are fulfilled. The session was facilitated by Salini Sharma who is a part of an organisation called ‘Safecity’. Safecity is a platform that crowdsources personal stories of sexual harassment and abuse in public… More मेरा शहर, मेरा अधिकार