How Time Flies! My Internship Experience.

On the way to my first day of my internship, I remember walking around the streets of Khirki Extension thinking “where is this place?!” – Until I turned a corner and happily saw the Swechha logo on a building painted with flowers, and plants in bottles hanging down from the balcony.
I was welcomed into the office with a lovely cup of chai from Jyoti and met by Tanika who introduced me to the team and showed me around the office.

I know everyone says it… but the office really is pretty special. An activity room for youth groups and the Green the Map workshop can be found on the ground floor. Above this is the main office, totally filled with up-cycled furniture, with so much attention to detail. It is the perfect open space for getting your work done and sitting together whilst we share lunch.  Best is the roof, which is a little oasis in the chaotic streets of Delhi, here you will find a vegetable and herb garden and sometimes a dog called Gap!

My main role during my internship was to look after the social media accounts for both Swechha and Green the Map, writing a monthly newsletter, as well as creating graphics for the website and Facebook pages.
One thing I can definitely say about doing an internship at Swechha is that they will work you hard! My feet never touched the floor and my time here has honestly flown by. Everyday I’m given a new project and advice on how I can improve my work to make it the best it can possibly be.
As a result my internship has been a huge learning experience; I’ve worked on and developed the skills I already had, as well as learning completely new skills I never knew I would have such a passion for.

My internship was mainly office based, however early on I attended one of the Pagdandi music sessions.One thing which really stood out to me was how confident those kids were! I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a group of kids who were so cool and funny! Anyone can see these initiatives by Swechha really are making a positive impact on those living in this community.

If anyone is considering doing an internship at Swechha I couldn’t recommend it enough, and if any international volunteers are feeling apprehensive about coming to Delhi, please don’t! Despite what you read and hear, Delhi is a great city with some of the friendliest and most open people I’ve ever met. There is so much going on and everyday I’m spoilt for choice for things to see and do; from the parks to the markets, the music scene and art galleries. As well as tones of national heritage sites and easy train rides to beautiful places for a weekend away! Plus, you can always trust that the Swechha team will be there keeping an eye out for you and offering help if you ever need it!

– Aimee Parker (Intern at Swechha)


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