Tasting The ‘Fruit’ Of Success

Question: What makes a group of IT professionals and students to deprive themselves of their Saturday morning sleep, undeterred by the fervent rainfall?

Answer: A determination to bring about a change. A resolution to multiply Delhi’s forest cover. A conviction towards building a sustainable environment. A promise to give back to the mother earth, pieces of which we took so illiberally.

And when people with like-minded purpose meet, they settle for nothing less than transformation. A consequence of my own green desires, the idea of monsoon wooding piqued my interest and I was excited to be a part of Swechha’s annual campaign. The world kept giving me green signals for my little cruise. The same morning a beautiful tangerine hibiscus bloomed in my terrace garden. There was an incessant downpour, announcing that this is the best time to flourish. And I wonder how many times I noticed it before, but the lush green cover that appears after the metro exits from Saket towards Qutub minar, was enthralling. My mind envisioned a similar result of what I was about to do today and I immediately declared – I am going to be a part of something massive!

The venue of the plantation drive was chock-full with energy and positivity. The day started with a forest tour of the previous plantation site. A vehement Swechha employee, Gaurav, explained the concepts of food forests and it’s various elements. The result was a swirl of excitement and people voluntarily grabbed shovels and started planting the saplings. There were around 250 saplings of fruits like Guava, Mango,and Lemon. I gloated in self-pride for every plant that I earthed. It gave me immense satisfaction to become a part of mother earth, a pleasure I always felt missing in my otherwise cheerful life.

Even though big cities like Delhi continue to expand despite the waging war between environment and urbanization, a major advantage of being a resident of the city is- you will always find people with similar interests. So even if 90% of the city is insensitive to causes as simple as planting a tree, there are 10% of those who will share the burden to find out time and resources to wrap it up for you. I feel proud to be a part of this initiative. I feel I contributed to making Delhi’s air inhale-able. And someday, when these plants grow up and start yielding, I wish to taste the fruit of ‘success’.

-Shruti Sharma (Volunteer at Swechha)


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