‘Not Just Research Work After All.’ – An Interns Journey

So, here I am sharing my experiences at Swechha.

Well, to start with, my first step in the office, I couldn’t help but think about how amazing the office space was. It is actually an up-cycled place and has done the best utilization of every possible piece of junk.

I was engaged primarily in the new initiative called ‘Air Shed Development’ and as Tanika gave me my first task; I thought about how perfect it was for me! And the cherry on the cake of that first day was  music by ‘Indian Ocean’ playing in the office. Reporting to Tanika, going to her and Gaurav for guidance and ending up at roof cutting bottles, is something that I can never forget. Both of them are great people to work with and learn from. Focus on plantations is something I liked most about the work Swechha does and the science that goes behind each plantation became one of my most important learnings during my time here.

My internship started with some co-interns, all younger to me but we all made some really great memories. Time with Parul, Prachi, Himanshu, Ayesha, Aditya, Mehak and Srishti was well spent. Fun, work and learning were the things to concentrate on along with food and tea breaks. In spite of being a research scholar myself, I learnt a lot from our ‘Chief Researcher’ Aditya . Identification of trees and birds during field visits in the killing Delhi heat were enjoyable despite trying to save myself from dying.

So, in short, my time at Swechha was very well utilized with lots of memories and lessons and I will certainly have a lot to take back from my time spent here.

Thanks to Swechha.

-Parul Gupta (Intern at Swechha)


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