‘Envisioning a Green Life’ – A Saturday Well Spent!

I was amped as my inbox flashed up with my first volunteer call from Swechha for a plantation drive at DC’s residence in Gurgaon. I was anxiously waiting for the weekend. But, with the weekend, approached persistent rain and traffic which made me apprehensive about the plantation. Monsoon wooding was still on and so I could not wait till another call.

Weather could not restrain the enthusiastic volunteers from giving away their sleep and putting efforts into nurturing the nature. I along with 20 volunteers, was briefed about the entire programme by Gaurav. We made our way through the backyard of  the DC’s residence which is gradually getting transformed to a bosky area by Swechha. It was astounding to know that one year old fruit plants had already been harvested thrice and that too with no aid of pesticides.

After a comprehending walk by the plants, we reached at the land where the plantation was to take place. The land had been prepared with 260 trenches waiting for the saplings to be planted in. A chain was formed to carry the saplings in their future domain. It was not a mere passing of saplings, but also a relay of positive vibes. Each sapling rekindled a sense of duty and concern for our planet. None of us badgered about the earthworms, ladybugs and other small species that have found a habitat in the impending forest. Everyone worked with zest enjoying ‘mud spa’ with the ‘Daag acche hai’ attitude.

Three hours were not sufficient to deter our vigour, though all trenches had been covered and yes… the target for day was achieved. We vacated the place taking along with us the vision of a greener and better Earth. The saplings stand there to further grow into trees.

-Princy Goyal (Volunteer at Swechha)


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