Behind the Seen

This short film introduces you to the lives and dreams of young girls living in Jagdamba Camp, a slum community in South Delhi. It captures the depths, hardships and joys that childhood experiences in parts of our urban world that are visible yet remain forgotten and conveniently ignored. The girls are a part of Pagdandi, … More Behind the Seen

Arts and Crafts: a key part of the learning process

Arts and crafts are an essential part of the learning process. As important as math or science–our art instructor, Ritu,  would argue. For four weeks of summer camp, the children followed a winding path of arts and crafts that included everything from lines and structure to creativity and color. They learned the calculations of sketching, … More Arts and Crafts: a key part of the learning process

Dance Class: Choreographing Self Expression

One of the final workshops for the younger children in summer camp was dance class. Over the course of several days, the children learned dance choreography from their dance instructor, Jasmine Bhatia, that they would later perform at their final showcase. While the first couple of classes were a little slow moving, as the children … More Dance Class: Choreographing Self Expression

Theatre Workshop!

For four days of summer camp, the older children embarked on a journey through the theatre. Led by instructor Rahul Tewari, The students began the workshop with a series of exercises that involved movement, body awareness, and eye contact. They included activities where they passed tennis balls around a circle silently, using only eye contact … More Theatre Workshop!