Swechha Through My Lens

Meandering through the bylanes of Khirki extnension, some plastic bottles with plants in them half way hanging from a balcony caught my attention. 1091 was written on the boundary wall. I thought it’s probably a government organization. Once I reached home, to quench my curiosity, I researched and found out that it’s actually an NGO. I had read about the law of attraction, but experienced it that day itself. Hunting a while for an NGO internship, I landed  at Swechha. I kept roaming from one to floor to another, till my eyes had captured all the images that could be stored in my small database. I marvelled at the usage of waste products and the upcycling that has been done. Be it the boots, kettle, alcohol bottles or tyres to my surprise, that were used as pots for plants. The remains of a cycle tyre are actually used as a partition between  desks here. More than me, my parents were excited to see the picture gallery online. Every day when I reached home, they would ask me “aaj kya kiya” (“What did you do today? “) in the exact same manner as they used to back when I was in school.

I joined with two boys Rishit and Shaurya,  both school kids, who were my partners in crime for the monsoon wooding campaign. I was truly impressed with their knowledge, for their age and the fact that they run their own NGO.  Then I had the opportunity to meet Aditya , who helped me in my write ups and entertained me with his jokes along with Himanshu. I did not spare Parul and Prachi though, utilizing my conversational skills to its full capacity.  Lastly, whenever I had a bright idea, I would reach Deeksha, who would listen to me patiently and yes, her smile is very comforting.

The art & craft class rekindled the imagination and creativity in me. It was fun working with the kids. You not only impart your knowledge with them, but also build a bond. Ruby, a summer camp student just walked up to me and hugged me. After a long time I experienced, what it felt working with people in a good environment and not humans degenerated to machines rushing for their targets, given my prior corporate experience.

The last two days just swept by, all busy with the summer camp showcase. Hats off to Tanika, Ashim and all the co-ordinators who managed the chaos and still survived . I just had to monitor it for a day. Come Saturday all efforts paid off.  I think Saahil’s performance on “Cham, Cham” was the cherry on the cake. The whole idea of the summer camp, was beautiful. The children had an opportunity to indulge in activities they enjoyed and were also exposed to new ideas and concepts.

The place has a highly positive vibe, brimming with chatter, fun, activity and with people strolling from one station to another, the lines of hierarchy are blurred in general, without the fear of a ‘Shaakal’ type boss.

-Shrishti Khattry (Intern at Swechha)



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