Just your average day at the office…

We’ve been busy at the office today! There are a lot of different programs and projects in the works, so everyone is hard at work! Here we are working on preparing for the 2015 Pagdandi Summer Camp, new products for the Swechha Store, the development of Green Creeps, and more! The Pagdandi Summer Camp will begin on June 1, when about 40 children from the community will come to Swechha everyday for educational activities in english, art, and arts and crafts!

Here’s a couple of our interns, Saloni and Apoorva, gathering materials for the camp next week!


And one of our community coordinators, Manoj, working on posters for the kids coming to camp!

unnamed (4)

As always, the Swechha Store is in full swing. There is always a lot of hard work and innovation going on to determine how to make the most sustainable and fashionable products out of every day items that would normally go to waste. Here’s Ram and some of our other masterminds brainstorming new products for the Swechha Store line!


And of course, Suraj is still making the most beautiful jewelry out of anything he can get his hands on! He is working on developing his own brand and making his first line that will hopefully be ready to put on the market in the next few months. Even though its a lot of creative work, he’s still grinning ear to ear as he develops his craft.



Green Creeps is Swechha’s first urban garden that we have been developing right here in the office! We are growing plants and using urban farming methods in order to create more sustainable sources of food and greenery in Delhi’s developing city! Its a very new and exciting process that requires a lot of resource and experimentation. So far, its been successful! We have developed gorgeous upcycled planters and have a garden growing right upstairs!




Swechha has a lot in store for the Delhi community this summer! Stay tuned to read about the rest of our new projects and programs we are working on!


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